Summer holiday in Neustift

Immerse yourself into a breathtaking summer landscape and discover the fascinating mountain backdrop surrounding the Stubai Glacier! The clear mountain lakes and breathtaking mountain summits are just waiting to be explored. Whether you are planning an ambitious mountain tourleisurely hiking between alpine lodges assisted by the cable cars or want to venture up the mountains using your mountain bike, the Stubai valley is the perfect place to enjoy an active holiday.

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A virtually unlimited network of hiking trails crisscrosses through the Stubai valley and the Stubai Alps. You are guaranteed an unforgettable nature experience, because irrespective of your physical condition, stamina and expertise, the Stubai valley offers something for everyone.

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The options are endless: walks and hikes in the village of roses or to a place of natural beauty, gentle tours at medium altitude heights and on themed routes such as the WildeWasserWeg trail with its thundering waterfalls, hiking tours on Stubai's high altitude trails and challenging routes to the peaks of the Seven Summits...


Combining hiking with a cable car ride in the Stubai valley

If you prefer to take it that little bit easier, then use a cable car to make your ascent/descent. The four Stubai cable railways: Schlick 2000, 11er Lifts, Serles cable car and the Stubai Glacier unlock four very diverse summer havens. Use of the cable railways is included with the Stubai Super Card.


Hiking in Stubai valley


WildeWasserWeg trail - Captivation of the Stubai waters

Hike across three levels on the trail of a rushing stream along the WildeWasserWeg trail in the Stubai Valley! Alpine scenes come to life here in an absolute mesmerizing way. Starting from the glacier fields that glisten in the sun through to turquoise mountain lakes, an array of smaller sources that accumulate into thundering waterfalls, up to small wetlands and marshlands, you can admire all the various forms of the wet element along this wild water trail.


Wildewasserweg trail


Themed hiking trails in the Stubai valley

From flowers to pioneers… Each trail is associated with an exciting theme. So find inner peace on the contemplation trail or hike across nature paths while scaling the panoramic trail or along the glacier path, to name just a few examples.


Themed hiking trails


Kindl-Alm hiking service

Participate in one of our guided hikes or inform yourself of our suggestions for leisurely hikes, which we change on a daily basis! We also offer you a complimentary shuttle bus which hikers can take in the Stubai valley. You can also rent out free telescopic hiking poles. Indulge yourself with splendid post-hiking snacks on our sun terrace upon your return!

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The Stubai valley is the perfect region for mountain bikers with over 720 km of uniformly signposted biking trails. The tours feature routes for all levels of difficulty, from a leisurely cycling tour up to a strenuous 2,700 m altitude tour.

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This is really a paradise for mountain bikers.

Demanding routes and exhilarating descents add variety to what the cyclists can expect and provide the basis for the diversity of mountain biking in Tyrol. All itineraries are sufficiently marked and interactive maps as well as QR codes on the signs also make navigation through unfamiliar areas a lot easier.


biking in the Stubai valley


Pleasurable e-biking in the Stubai valley

Leisure cyclists will feel right at home in the Stubai valley because there are electric bikes (Movelos) and charging stations in abundance here. Many targets can therefore be achieved almost effortlessly. An e-bike looks just like a normal bike on first glance. These e-bikes are equipped with an environmentally friendly electric motor and high-performance battery to amplify the rider's pedal force up to 150%. So there is nothing stopping you being active across the whole Stubai valley.


E-biking in the Stubai valley

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True mountaineers are in the right place here in the region of Stubaital. A holiday in this true adventure region can satisfy even the most demanding athletes. Mountain guides that are highly trained and have good local knowledge ensure that mountaineering in Tyrol is never without its thrills.

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On the go in the Stubai mountains

Each step brings you closer to "eternal ice" and when the highest of all the peaks calls, then you follow on intrigued. Holidays around Neustift are intended for those mountain enthusiasts with full dedication, capable of overcoming successive feats of strength. Physical exertions pushing the limits will be well and truly rewarded once you take on the challenge of mountaineering in Tyrol. The views of the surrounding three thousand meter peaks will make all the endeavours worthwhile for you and your mountain guide.


Seven Summits – 7 mountains with character

Size appears in various ways. The Seven Summits of Stubai are not just interesting because of their heights, but actually also because of what these mountains signify to people. These seven peaks create a remarkable impression, tell a unique story and significantly characterize the landscape.


The Zuckerhütl (3,507 m) with its year-round white snowy cap, the diverse Wilde Freiger (3,418 m), the Habicht (3,277 m), which was thought to be the highest mountain in Tyrol for a long time, the Rinnenspitze (3,003 m), which is the easiest of the three-thousand meter peaks to climb, the striking Serles (2,717 m), which was referred to by Goethe as the "High altar of Tyrol", the Hohe Burgstall (2,611 m), which is straightforward but particularly rewarding due to its panoramic views, and the Elfer (2,505 m), the local mountain of Neustift, together form the Seven Summits of the Stubai valley. You also have the possibility of marking your successful summit victories with a certificate in the form of the "Gipfelpass" (can be found in the tourism offices). This makes the distinction of the number of summits you have conquered.




Closer than ever to the heavens – Mountaineering on the Stubai Hohenweg

8,000 meters of altitude, 100 kilometres, 8 alpine huts - and all this in just the one valley: the Stubai Hohenweg is one of the most beautiful high altitude hiking routes in the Alps, leading through the Stubai Alps across seven different stages (hiking time between 3 - 7 hours). There is the option of descending into the valley at each alpine hut and conversely, the option of ascending from the valley. The long-distance trail can be covered in stages as a result. Please note that the Stubai Hohenweg is a black mountain trail and leads exclusively through alpine terrain! Surefootedness, an appropriate basic level of fitness, a head for heights and the right equipment are basic requirements here.


Stubai Hohenweg

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Stubai Glacier experience

The Stubai Glacier is also a fascinating destination for the whole family during the summer. Experience the fascination of the glacier while on a glacier hike, visit the ice grotto or simply enjoy the views from the "Top of Tyrol" observation platform!

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Ice cave on the Stubai Glacier

The ice cave buried deep in the glacier ice at 3,000 m is situated close to the Eisgrat mountain station and imparts the curious visitors a fascinating insight into the many glacial phenomena. The now even bigger 200-m-long tour lies 30 m below the ski slope and is a stunning excursion for the whole family.


Ice cave


Summer hikes on the Stubai Glacier

Whether it be a relaxed high-altitude hike or a challenging summit tour for ambitious climbers, the Stubai Glacier offers the most suitable tour for every hiker. Get to know the ecosystem of the Stubai Glacier during the summer while on a circular hike with audio guide! Immerse yourself into the world of eternal ice and find out all there is to know about glacial phenomena such as moraine crests or glacier tongues. The "Glacier whisperer" audio guide can be downloaded for free at or is available at the Eisgrat mountain station as a loan unit. You can also follow the route of the WildeWasserWeg trail along the waterfalls, crossing the purest headwaters and high alpine flora and fauna of the Stubai Glacier and past the impressive Grawa waterfall until you come to the front reaches of the Stubai valley.


Hikes on the Glacier


Top of Tyrol - Observation platform at 3,210 m

Immerse yourself into the kingdom of the three thousand meter peaks from the TOP OF TYROL summit platform and experience the breathtaking panoramic views across 109 peaks of the Stubai Alps up into the Dolomites! The Schaufeljoch panorama lift will take you quickly and comfortably into the kingdom of the three thousand meter peaks. You will reach the TOP OF TYROL observation platform in just a few minutes' walk and after 232 steps.


Top of Tyrol

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Free-climbing! Head steeply uphill to lofty heights during your climbing holiday in the Stubai valley. Reach your destination with secure step and grip. The views of the Stubai glacial landscape at the end are truly rewarding, behold the magnificent infinity and freedom!

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The Stubai valley features a multitude of climbing routes and via-ferratas. Both beginners and those more advanced are therefore sure to find their special kick on the safety-insured rock faces.


Via ferrata climbing

Keen mountaineers will discover an impressive number of climbing routes in the most beautiful valley in Tyrol, all of which are secured with iron ladders, iron steps and steel cables embedded into natural rock. We recommend that newcomers to climbing take on the first few ascents with a mountain guide.

  • Steingrubenkogel: A to C
  • Ochsenwand: C to D
  • Fernau Express: D to E
  • Wildewasser: A to B and much more...


Via ferrata climbing


Fixed rope climbing routes

Climb on a natural rock face, in a stone quarry or on a dam with no risk of danger! The climbing routes are generally secured with bolts, deflection pulleys or other securing devices, so climbers can enjoy their hobby with minimal effort.

  • Kletterpark Fernau – Dresdner Hütte
  • Nürnberger Hütte
  • Kreuzjoch
  • Regensburger Hütte and much more...


Fixed rope climbing routes


High ropes courses

Experience nature in the natural surroundings of the forest in a sporty manner! The Adventure Park high ropes course is a great destination for the whole family and all kinds of groups.


High ropes courses

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